About Us
Pharmacies across the world are facing more competitive challenges than ever as more health aware clients are demanding higher quality of medicine, greater value for money spent and more innovations for the products offered.

Lepharm is an international company that aims to develop partnerships with its clients for whom will guarantee to provide the industry's highest standards of pharmaceutical products in a highly qualified and stimulating environment.

Lepharm offers contract manufacturing for competitively priced private-label products to drugstore retail chains, as well as to pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors. This Turn-key service encompasses not only product development and high quality manufacturing at the level the clients have come to expect from our top world class pharmaceutical manufacturers, but creative packaging development and promotional/merchandising and pre-packed display support as well.
Our portfolio includes a wide range of pharmaceutical products in the categories of pain management, cough & cold, stomach ailments, allergies, topical creams and ointments, vitamins and minerals, athletic and sports nutrition products.

All the products we offer are known for excellent quality and high efficacy, matching and surpassing originator brands to become trusted alternatives to consumers.
Our Canadian ,American and international manufacturers combine decades of pharmaceutical formulation development expertise with leading-edge technologies to provide the best solutions to our customer needs .Our network of expertise in the pharmaceutical manufacturing field allows our customers to focus on the business end of their operation, knowing that their world class trusted product is being produced by the highest quality manufacturers.

Our CDMOS are highly respected C-GMP complaint companies, licensed and inspected by regulatory authorities such as Health Canada Therapeutic Directorate, US FDA, EMA....etc

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